Genesys Environmental Energy Saving Principles

Case studies have been taken from the official Mitsubishi Jet Towel website

Genesys Environmental, an environmental engineering company were moving offices and needed to update the bathrooms with energy and CO2 savings in mind.

“We reviewed 3 versions of hand dryers and chose the Mitsubishi Jet Towel because of its low noise level and low power consumption”, commented Paul Chatwin, Principal Engineer at Genesys.

“Being a low carbon company, we needed to follow our energy-saving principles. We have put up signs above the Jet Towel which tells users how much energy they are saving by using the product.

Previously we used paper towels which often ran out, so there was either nothing to dry hands on, or so many of them were used that the rubbish bins were overflowing. This became unpleasant in a washroom. The Jet Towel has made the washroom area a much nicer environment.”