Hexgreave Estate Country estate goes contemporary with Jet Towel

Case studies have been taken from the official Mitsubishi Jet Towel website

The Hexgreave Estate in Nottinghamshire is blazing a trail for renewal, environmental awareness and conservation, and the Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel hand dryers are a key element in the master plan.

Hexgreave is a country estate that can trace its origins back to 1240 and the de Hekkesgrave family. The present Hexgreave Hall was built between 1750 and 1760, with the woods around the park planted towards the end of that century. Once a deer park gifted to the Archbishop of York, in more recent times it has been home to Sir Stuart Goodwin, a Sheffield steel magnate, and Sir John Eastwood, the founder of modern poultry farming.

The present owner Tony Strawson, very aware of the historical traditions and values of the estate has a long term vision for Hexgreave. The Strawson family have farmed on local land for over 40 years and the plan to do so for many generations to come.

With the Strawsons, Hexgreave Hall has undergone a complete refurbishment to create an innovative mix of office space, live/work homes and residential properties that combines tradition with the contemporary requirement of modern life.

The idea is to create and sustain a thriving community within the estate that will ensure it prospers while maintaining the beauty of the landscape and built environment.

When it came to fitting out the public spaces, the designers were aware that they had to create exactly the right ambience and that their choice of fixtures and fittings would be crucial to the success of this ambitious projects.

Hand dryer selection was based on the criteria of green credentials, quietness, stylishness, convenience and hygiene.

“Jet Towel from Mitsubishi met all of our exacting standards,” recalls Laura Miller of the Estate Office. “It is whisper quiet and a joy to look at and use. The fact that it dries your hands in about 10 seconds adds to the feeling of luxury.”

Her technical appraisal identified the fact that its bacterial management is far in advance of competitor products. Rather than evaporating moisture from hands, Jet Towel uses a high speed wafer-thin airflow to remove the water. Also it is made from anti-microbial material and it is completely non-contact in operation. Jet Towel also benefits from low energy consumption which is about one-tenth that of a hot air dryer.

“Hexgreave is all about making people feel special,” she says. “Jet Towel makes a significant contribution to this -and saying that about a hand dryer is surely special in itself.”